Behind The Project, part 1

Behind The Project, part 1

I have received a few requests asking who is behind this museum project and why I am doing it, so here you go…
In the music world, I am, quite frankly, a nobody. I am not well known or wealthy. Some think those things are required for creating a museum; not me. I think the most important thing you need to create a music museum that honours musicians and celebrates their music is just this: love. Obviously other things too, but with love it is easier to persevere and get the rest of the required things. When you have great love and gratitude, not much will stop you. You just keep going. Along with a huge number of other music fans, I have that love. At the core of it all that’s why I am doing it. Simple as that.

See, my childhood days were pretty rough and dark until music came along. It changed everything. I found there was this moment when a piece of music wrapped itself around me, wouldn’t let go, and I not only heard it, I felt it. You know what mean? I often wonder if this happens to everyone that truly loves music? That moment for me happened with a British musician – you know… the sun came out.

So I found British music connected with me more than any other. Somehow British music especially made every crap moment better, and every happy moment happier.
So, I grew to love British music above any other and my fondest dream was to come live in the land of these most amazing musicians. It was all I thought about.
Fast forward now and here I am, transplanted from the USA to the magical UK. I’ve been here for over 20 years and it’s perfect! There’s just one thing that isn’t…

continued in part 2


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