Behind The Project, part 2

Behind The Project, part 2

Following on from the last post, I left off saying the UK was an amazing place to live apart from one thing. That one thing is the lack of a music museum. Before complaints come in that there is one or two here and there; yes, I know that. I’m not saying anything negative about projects that are or have been. It’s just, the way I see it, there needs to be something different…a music museum for ALL genres of music under one roof; a cultural heritage museum that is a social enterprise built and operated by music fans (that would be YOU).
I believe that no one can build and run a music museum like music fans. You could say that any music project is ultimately operated by music fans, but not the sort of fans I mean. I am not talking about folks who might choose to become involved because it’s a great business opportunity for personal recognition or wallet enrichment purposes. No. I’m talking about music fans like me, people who have a day job of any sort but for whom MUSIC IS LIFE.

Music fans like this are key to a successful music museum because they are all about the music. No one can match this fan for a music museum because when you love something for no other reason than you love, the impact it has cannot be equaled. It will reach out to people who will visit the museum and they will feel the excitement. They will want to learn about music and discover why you love it. In this way the museum becomes alive. That’s the legacy I want for British musicians, one that is living. Music fans are the vital ingredient. You always have been. What musician can reach others without fans? Fan power is awesome!

Get around people who love music and watch them. Listen. They have a magical quality to them when they discuss it, and it reaches others even if they don’t know the music yet. I want that in this music museum! As far as I know, no one has attempted to put into practice the ideas I have. In reality these ideas are not unique to me. I learned them from you; fans I met when I was just a kid hanging around in the neighbourhood, or hanging around with adults who loved music. One day a fan changed my life…                  xxx Annie

continued in Part 3


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