Behind the Project, Part 3

Behind the Project, Part 3

Last time I mentioned some music that changed my life. That would be Led Zeppelin; more specifically, Mr Page and his magical guitar. I had never heard anything like him. The first time I ever heard a Zep record, it was the guitar that reached out of the speakers and grabbed my soul. I was utterly captivated by it. Because he made such an impact on me, I started trying to find out about Jimmy. Enter music fans!

Apart from Jimmy’s playing, music fans influenced me more than anything else. I was just an eight year old when Jimmy struck me like a bolt of lightening. Being that young, none of my friends were fans of Zeppelin. It just wasn’t music that most eight year old kids listened to. Fortunately for me, my babysitter was a big fan. She was 18 and one day happened to hear me humming Tangerine. From then on, she let me hang around with her and her friends. They showed me all their memorabilia, their magazines (the photo accompanying this post was my favourite and I kept the one given to me for nearly 25 years), grainy super 8 films of concerts, and the thing I loved most, sharing their memories of concerts and how they came to love the band. I loved their enthusiasm and how it connected me more closely to the music. As they guided me, my musical tastes grew because they knew what influenced Jimmy and pointed me in the right direction. I appreciate every music fan I have ever met who shared with me their love of music. They are just fabulous.

I never lost either fascination; both with Jimmy’s playing and music fans, and this is why I believe that music fans need to be closely involved in the creation of any music museum. I remember so vividly their stories and they have stuck with me. One day, all of us who have experienced the music gifted to us by our favourite musicians will be gone. Since the music will always attract new fans down through time, I am certain those future fans will benefit from our experiences. It will draw them closer to the music. I think that is important. It was to me.
So, there you have it. This is why this music fan is looking to create a music museum. It’s an uphill battle. I have had many setbacks. If I get any feedback, I may tell a few of the stories so far. I am hoping people will decide to join this project for the reason I do it: Love of music. It remains to be seen if a simple music fan can bring enough people together to create a museum dedicated to the musicians I love most, British musicians. Watch this space.         x Annie


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