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The Music Heritage Museum seeks to be not only an entertaining and fun place to visit, but also to be a place of educational excellence.
A music library and theatre space is planned for the museum, as well as temporary exhibit spaces to
focus on music from around the world, up and coming music, and other music related exhibits.
Educators and students are invited to build the museum from the start, and also to play a continuing
role in its governance, offering many opportunities to learn. We are beginning talks with the
Birmingham Educational Partnership and seek to create a world class music museum with
education as the foundation.

We seek to give visitors as complete a picture as possible of music. As music is set in context of the
eras and related to all the skills involved in bringing it to the public, this gives students a wider
understanding of music and how it affects our lives. Through the lens of music visitors will learn:

The Science of Music
Applied Arts
Music as a Business
Playing Instruments and Writing Music
Music as Therapy

A special note: The Music Heritage Museum is looking for unique ways to include people who are
disabled, such as those with sight or hearing disabilities, so that they may enjoy the museum with
the abilities they do have. If you have experience in this area, please get in touch. We would like to
benefit from your expertise as we create a museum that can be enjoyed by all.