Great Album Art: Pink Floyd ‘Dark Side of the Moon’

Great Album Art: Pink Floyd ‘Dark Side of the Moon’

Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album cover is one of the most iconic and recognisable pieces of art done for albums.

The cover was created by London’s famed Hipgnosis group of Aubrey Powell, Storm Thorgerson and Peter Christopherson.

In an interview, Aubrey Powell tells how Pink Floyd wanted a simple, graphic cover; which Hipgnosis found a rather insulting request. Nevertheless, they took up the challenge. Powell says, “I was looking through an old French book of early colour photography from the ‘50s, and in this book was a photo of a prism on a piece of sheet music and sunlight coming in through the glass window. It was creating this rainbow effect. Storm said, “This is interesting. It sums up Pink Floyd. I’ve got it—we’ll do a triangle with a prism shape coming through it as a graphic, not as a photograph.”

The album has sold 65 million copies and has been seen by an estimated one billion people since its release. It’s likely you have it in your collection and probably have seen someone wearing a
t shirt of the image recently!


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