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Update 05 Mar 2016

Music Museum News!

This week, an architect working with us on the museum project sent plans to the council in Birmingham for outline planning permission. It’s such a big deal, and it has been a long road to get even this far. Thinking back to the time all this started, it’s an awesome thing to be sitting here looking at the ideas that were in my head now translated into a real space!

I have met people along the way who don’t believe music fans can help create and build an all-genre museum for British music, especially one that is a social enterprise. At times I almost started to believe them and give up. With no money and very few people following us, it would be easy to throw in the towel. In the end though, I love British music too much to quit and totally believe the fans MUST be working alongside the professionals to make this museum a reality. Fans have the passion and no one can represent the music they love better than them.

I have a dedicated group sticking with me, who are amazing! I appreciate them more than they know!! I hope it grows because without you, the music fans, I believe British music will never have the home it so deeply deserves.

I won’t give up! If I cannot get it done, I hope other fans will take up the mantle and do it! In the meantime, I will keep you posted on the building progress. Please go “like” our page on Facebook  or check out this website.  I really value your input.  – x Annie

Here’s my example of one of the ways you can contribute to the museum; share your memories! It’s easy to do and it has such a great impact on music history. Just think about this: One day no one will be around who has seen the musicians you love play and will never have spoken to them, but their music will still be attracting new fans. Are you willing to be one of the people who reaches out to them and gives them that joy they can only experience through your eyes? You are that vital link future fans will truly enjoy!

Remember it does not have to be video, you can always write your memory! Maybe include some photos too! We can even set up an interview with you via Skype if you like. Send us an email on and give the world the gift of your musical memories.

Got an idea on how you’d like to contribute? Tell us!

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