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In Star Fan interviews, we feature music fans who have made a positive impact in the music world. Have you created a website? Work in the music industry? Raised money for music related charity? Collected memorabilia? Have a special music memory to share?
Let us know at and we will contact you for an interview. We want to hear from you because music fans are VIPs!

Join us in part two where Stuart talks about his son’s band Awake By Design, writing his poetry, and his experiences meeting musicians such as Phil Lynott and Arthur Brown. Want his poetry books? Contact us! Check out Awake by Design here:

Music fan and poetry book author Stuart Favill shares his memories of a life long love of music and the many musicians he has seen live and met. . His book ‘Words from the Music Room’ is available on Amazon. Contact us if you would like a signed copy. Enjoy this fun interview! All photographs of musicians taken by Stuart.

John Woodhouse of  In  interview part#3, John talks about some of his favourite bands, and how so many music business people came to Birmingham to recruit artists for bands in London.  Also the Marquis, and the Reagan circuit, well known club promoters and venues, including stories about the Move, Moody Blues, Led Zeppelin and John Bonham. John also speaks about the future of his Brumbeat website

John Woodhouse of In his Star Fan interview part#2, John discusses how he collects and authenticates stories and info from the past for  his website, the premier source of historical information and the famous bands of the 60’s and 70’s who had their roots in Birmingham’s music scene.  Second of his 3-part interview.

Interview #1 features John Woodhouse of, who talks about the music bands 60’s in Birmingham, and how he started the website. His historical recollection dates back to the late 50’s, when his uncle was in a skiffle band. His fascinating stories of the Brumbeat era mention many famous bands who had their roots in Birmingham’s music scene.  First of a 3-part interview.