The Project

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G reat Britain is home to many of the world’s greatest musicians. Their legacy is celebrated all over
the world. With this project, we will celebrate that legacy here in the UK! The Music Heritage
Museum is for all musicians of all genres; for all music fans. In the museum you will walk where
your music heroes walked, see what they saw and experience music as they did. Go behind the
scenes with them as the story of British music unfolds to the world and take part in the processes
along the way.

Inside the museum
Here music fans will find much more than memorabilia in glass cases. Experience your favourite
music as never before as you find yourself in decades past (and present) mixing a track in a studio,
walking the red carpet to a music event, working with the road crew, taking photographs, designing
album art or writing a song. It’s a hands-on experience!

Music Fans
Fans are invited to help run the museum, lending their music knowledge for exhibits, displaying
their own memorabilia and creating and staging events. Fans can serve on a governing board of
directors too. Music fans are not simply spectators here unless they choose to be – you are the

Please email if you would like further information on any of the details or if you would like to
volunteer to help. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

Following a presentation to members of the Birmingham City Council, they are currently helping
locate a building in the city for the Music Heritage Museum. With Birmingham’s rich musical
heritage, and its status as a world destination, it is a perfect home for a music museum to honour the
musicians of Great Britain.

Funding/Business model
The Music Heritage Museum is a social enterprise. The company creating the project is Memories
in Music, which was granted Community Interest Company status in January 2009 (C.I.C. No:
6804437). Memories in Music had the short term objective of staging music exhibits and events
with music fans; with the long term objective to found a British music museum for all genres of music.
Memories in Music is looking at a number of funding possibilities; private and public donations,
corporate sponsorship, grants and lottery funding. It will remain a project to benefit the public.