Music Art submissions

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If you are a fan of British Music and would like to share your art with us,
please submit your art to be featured here!

M usic has touched the lives of so many of us and influenced our own artistic expression.
You don’t need to be a professional artist or do portraits. Your art could be anything related to British music of any era or genre; classical, jazz, folk, rock, punk- anything goes! What – or who – inspires you to create?

We welcome all kinds of media: 2D, 3D, poetry, writing.
Use your imagination! Could be jewelry, costumes, cakes, comics…

Multiple images are allowed, (up to 5) but please send us the info on each separate artwork.
All images must be submitted in digital format, no larger than 2MB with a max 1200 pixels in width or height . All artwork submitted must be your original work and not subject to copyright elsewhere.* We will give you credit.

Here are our guidelines for submission:
1. Your art subject can be of any era, genre of music, song lyrics, or your favourite band or musician, but it has to be British.
2. It must be your own original art.
3. Subject must be suitable for an all ages audience.

Please note: We reserve the right to decide what art is featured here on the Museum website. Keep in mind that our mission is to curate a historical archive, and music fans are a big part of the cultural influence music has had on generations past, present and future. All work added to the collection will be given credit, so please be sure you’ve given us your correct contact info.
*For example, promoting a band t-shirt, poster or any item that might be an infringement of legal licensing is prohibited.

Please email Art Submissions with your information and digital images.

You can submit only 1 artwork at a time. Please send all digital images to directly, thank you.