Who won the most Grammys?

Who won the most Grammys?

Well, that’s the Grammy’s done until next year. Usually described as ‘glittering,’ and many, many other adjectives designed to wow. I
don’t know; I find it hard to get excited about award ceremonies. Occasionally there are a few awards handed out that I enjoy, but over all these type of events leave me decidedly under whelmed. I have never liked them even when musicians I admire are winners, and I confess I have never watched the Grammys or the Brits or the Whatever’s. Not sure why… too long? Too many acts that don’t click with me? Too much commercialism? I’m not sure. What do you think about award shows? Did you watch The Grammys?

Anyway, congrats to the winners and glad for those of you who were excited and enjoyed the show. I never complain when people enjoy music in any format.

Just for fun, do you know who has won the most Grammys? It’s the Hungarian-British conductor Sir Georg Solti. He collected 31 Grammys out of the 74 nominations he earned. In 1996 he won a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. I do hope he didn’t have to sit through every hour of all those shows. Can you imagine?


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